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I'm prepared to help you.


My name is Peterson "Pete" Lorins. My story is a story of FAITH. About 3 decades ago, I moved from the poorest city in the Western Hemisphere to the richest city in the U.S. at the young age of 14. By 17, I entered engineering school, and despite being homeless and undocumented, I worked multiple jobs, slept in sleeping bags to graduate from college. Then, I used the same FAITH in God to achieve graduate credentials, start some amazing companies and achieve graduate degrees in Engineering, Law, Education & Medicine.

I don't just Help My Clients...

I Motivate/Inspire Them as Well!



“LIVE as if you were going to die tomorrow and LEARN as if you will live forever.”



"I can do all things through God/Christ, who strengthens me ." ~ Philippians 4: 13



  • Project Management & PR Projects

  • Business Develpment & Investments

  • Corporate. Academic, Social, Career Development, Reputation Management & Motivational Speaking


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