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I'm prepared to help you.


My name is Peterson "Pete" Lorins. My story is a story of FAITH. About 3 decades ago, I moved from the poorest city in the Western Hemisphere to the richest city in the U.S. at the young age of 14. By 17, I entered engineering school, and despite being homeless and undocumented, I worked multiple jobs, slept in sleeping bags to graduate from college. Then, I used the same FAITH in God to achieve graduate credentials, start some amazing companies and achieve graduate degrees in Engineering, Law, Education & Medicine.

I don't just Help My Clients...

I Motivate/Inspire Them as Well!


"Brighten someone's day/life today. Make people believe in humanity again via Your kindness. Be enlightening!"
~ Dr. Pete Lorins

3) "Be Positive and Believe in Yourself."

4) "All things are possible unless proven impossible may only be as of now."

5) "... Learn as if you will live forever."



1) "If you focus on your goals, you'll overcome all obstacles, but if you focus on your obstacles, you'll never reach your goals." ~ Mukesh Ambani

2) Can do All things w/ GOD on My Side.

3) Empathy = Caring + Sharing



  • Practice & Project Management  

  • Business Development & Investments

  • Corporate. Academic, Social, Career Development, Reputation Management & Motivational Speaking


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