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Hello: Book Me To Motivate You or Your Team

My name is Dr. Peterson "Pete" Lorins... I'm a renaissance man and an innovative motivational speaker who is available to revive either your organization or office or family in no more than one session. 

Sometimes, things have to be put into the proper context... It can be challenging, but it should be adventurous and funny. I bring an intelligently comedic approach to motivational speaking emphasizing that life does not always take us so seriously, yet, we must know when it does and must be equally serious at such times.

I am just trying to help you avoid some of the mistakes that I have made, because it's a lot better to learn how to avoid mistakes, than to learn from your own mistakes.

We were all taught part-truths by our parents and society, but critical-thinking skills are often lacking to discover how to contextualize the use of the truths that will make life meaningful and pleasant.

According to the amazing field of Human Performance Technology (HPT), there are three criteria that must be met in order for PERFORMANCE to be effectuated and they are as follows:

  1. Motivation

  2. Ability/Skills Set

  3. Opportunity.


Perhaps the most important aspect of performance is motivation. With the right level of motivation even the most average or below-average performing student/professional will outshine the most unmotivated genius student/professional.


I would like to help catalyze either your motivation or that of your team members. By the way, if you also need to acquire the right skills permanently and rapidly, we have also developed a system called “IV” Learning, which will help you or your team absorb 100% of the right information the first time around.


I am available for most regular and life-changing events (e.g., commencements). Please tap into my availability by directly contacting me, today!

Again, my name is Dr. Peterson "Pete" Lorins, and I am YOUR MISSING LINK!

Call/Text me at: (773) 372-9656 OR 407.955.3534
Email me at:

You'll be so very pleased you did!

-- Dr. Lorins

PS: If you'd like to qualify for a membership in my prestigious Super Leads Generation Group ("SLeGG"), please contact me directly the above-provided contact information.




Professional/Executive Info

To utilize my multi-dimensional skill sets as a transformational leader/executive in business, technology, engineering, software development, law practice, healthcare, professorship, business associations and project management for the betterment of any appropriate entity.


English (Proficient)

French (Proficient)

Haitian Creole  (Proficient)

Spanish (Working Knowledge)

​Papiementu + (Elementary)

Work experience

Chief Executive/Consultancy/Entrepreneurship                                     1998 -Present

Hardware and Software Engineering Etc (HSEE) Inc., Computer Instructors, Nurturing Nannie,,, SNIROL,, & LeaseRight

Duties: Top-notch consulting services at/via the above expanding web portals both online and in person (e.g., practice management and career development).


Business Development/Law Practice Management                                2009 -Present

Law Office of Bruce A. Plesser(Present), SLAID Law Practice Management and Others    

Duties: Client intake services; leads generation; legal research; litigation support; file management; filings and all practice aspects of all areas of the law except criminal law.


Technology/Engineering/Staffing Executive                                             1999 -Present

SCS Tech Resources, Compaq, Sony Electronics, UCF, CMU, Wizard Finance, Lease Link, etc.

Duties: Information technology (IT), software development and legal correlations management.


Professorship/Tutoring                                                                                  2008 -Present

Keiser University, Broward College, ITT,, Capella etc.

Duties: Professorship, career counseling and tutoring services.


Pastorship & Motivational Speaking                                                         2008 -Present

Church of the Living God, Lorins Faith Ministries and

Duties: Preparation and delivery of innovative spirit-inspired sermons plus motivation speaking


FAMU: Juris Doctorate (JD)                                      CMU: Doctor of Medicine (MD)

CUNY:  Electrical Engineering (BE)                           UCF: Computer Engineering (MS)

UM/UT/Barry:  Pre-Med                                           UCF/Capella: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


HARD SKILLS - Technology

Operating Systems (OS)
Appl'n Progr. Interface (API)
Software Design Models

Computer Applications
Computer Languages 
Engineering Software


SOFT SKILLS - Technology

Technical Support

Software Quality Assurance

Software Engineering    
Engineering Management
Project Management
AI Programming
Communication Systems
Software System Design
Hardware System Design
Computer Architecture
Computer System Design



Cell Biology
Cadaver Handling    
Medical Ethics    
Physical Diagnosis
Healthcare Delivery System    
Health Economics and Policy   
Health Financial Mgt.
Health Law & Ethics    
Leadership Governance
Public Policy
Strategic Planning    
Public Health Leadership    
Advanced Research



All Practice Areas
Legal Research    
Law Practice Mgt.
Case/Claim Tracking
Legal Metrics    
Legal Business Dvlpt.
Litigation Support
Legal Case Management    
Legal Technology 
Debt Collection 
Legal Employee Leasing    
Malpractice Avoidance    
Social Media Exposure
Computer Forensics    
Legal Technology Mgt.
Web Design/Development
Clientele Mgt.    
Settlements Experts
Document Review
Document Filing

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"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe." - Anatole France

But to believe one has to be MOTIVATED to do so...  Lacking MOTIVATION? Please Click Here to meet DR. MOTIVATION!


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